November 9-12: Montauk Park Missouri

Group Leaders / Additional Information: Montauk State Park preserves a shady green retreat that offers visitors plenty of opportunities for fun, whether it is Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Picnicking or just relaxing with friends and family.  The park is located at the headwaters of the famed Current River.  The park’s springs combine with tiny Pigeon Creek to supply more than 40 million gallons of water to the river each day.  The cool spring water is perfect for rainbow trout and this makes the park popular with anglers.   For visitors wanting to spend the night, the park offers a variety of choices, including a modern campground, rental cabins and motel rooms.  The modern dining lodge will satisfy any appetite. These areas are marked in the park and maps are also available.  Five accessible fishing sites are located throughout the fishing stream, ensuring that all anglers have a chance to catch a lunker trout. Catch-and-Release Only Area In waters designated catch-and-release, trout may not be possessed.  All trout must be returned unharmed immediately.  Only flies may be used. Fly Fishing Only Area In waters designated fly fishing only, a fly shall be constructed on a single point hook of feathers, tinsel, chenille, yarn, fur, silk, rayon or nylon thread or floss, with or without a spinner. Artificial Lures and Natural Bait Area In waters designated artificial lures and natural bait, any bait, including lures, natural bait or flies may be used.  

STATE: Missouri


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