Group Leaders / Additional Information: The group leader is The South Holston River may possibly be the best trout fishery east of the Mississippi River.  It boasts a very healthy population of wild reproducing Brown Trout.  Yes, “WILD”. The State of Tennessee has not stocked Brown Trout since 2004.  It has a completely self-sustaining population of Brown Trout and regularly produces fish that are over 20 inches.  It can get almost blanket hatches of Blue Wing Olives and Sulphurs starting in the spring and continuing on into the summer.  When these hatches happen, you can find the 20 inch fish rising to dry flies.  There are also midges and black flies present all year long.  The South Holston is a technical fisherman’s dream.  Long light leaders and precise fly selection is the name of the game. Payment is required for the cabins by February 3,2016 .  Don't delay click the link for your reservations.  South Holston Reservations We are staying at Tennessee Retreats the address is 300 Old Weaver Pike, Bluff City, TN   37618 Outings Information Packet - South Holston - 2014 MTFF Outing Vehicle Sign MTFF Outing Checklist

STATE: Tennessee

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