June 15-17 : Caney Fork River Outing & Cast Iron Cooking Class – Long Branch Campround

Group Leaders / Additional Information: The group leader is Ray Alley River Information The Caney Fork River is a year round fishery and is mainly fished from spring to fall.  The Caney Fork is the tailwater to Center Hill Dam in Buffalo Valley, Tennessee. There are several public access locations on the river:  BuffaloValley, Long Branch, Lancaster, Train Trestle, Happy Hollow, Interstate 40 Rest Area, Betty’s Island, Stonewall Bridge and the Carthage Ball Fields.  Please refer to “River Access” for type of access; wading and/or boat launch.   The river is broken up into three sections: Upper, Middle, and Lower.  The Upper Section of the river is from the Center Hill Lake Dam to Betty’s Island, the Middle Section of the river is from Betty’s Island to Stonewall Bridge, and the Lower Section is below Stonewall to the Carthage Ball Fields.  Most of the river access is for wading and/or floating in the Upper Section, which constitutes The Dam, Long Branch, Lancaster, Happy Hollow, Interstate Rest Area and Betty’s Island.   The Caney Fork is stocked with Brown, Brook, and Rainbow Trout and currently does not have a “Catch & Release” section of the river.  The club supports the “Catch and Release” philosophy, but if you plan on keeping fish, please review the Tennessee Fishing Regulations for the Caney ForkRiver.   Fishing Species Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Brook Trout  

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