Buffalo River One Day Outing – Many Cedars Campground

Group Leaders / Additional Information: The Buffalo River traverses through a variety of landscapes. Some stretches of the river have been cut through land which is fairly flat, with fields of corn, beans, or cattle lining both sides. On other stretches, the fishermen or canoe supported aquanauts may be sandwiched between bluffs thirty or more feet high. This portion of the river is miles from the nearest medium sized town and even farther from any large industry. As far as this writer knows, there exist no industry close enough to the Buffalo to accidentally harm its pristine waters. When the water is colored, one can be sure that it has rained somewhere upstream. Floating the Buffalo requires a bit of skill. There are narrow cuts where the current is extremely strong, and a boat can easily become lodged against a log jam. When this happens, the strong current has a way of flipping the boat perpendicular to its desired floating position. It is wise to keep all tackle boxes, extra rods, and coolers tethered in case of such a mishap. Most of the fish which are enticed into taking an artificial lure are small to medium in size. Smallmouth bass from 10 to 16 inches are common. There are, however, some hawgs tucked in their watery lair. A lure which happens to pass close by may be violently consumed. When that happens, the action is fast and furious. Running water smallmouth bass seem to be much stronger than their brothers and sisters in impounded waters. Maybe it is because of the constantly cooler water. Maybe it is because of the conditioning required to forage in the swift current. Maybe they are just genetically stronger. A fish biologist could probably answer that question. That is better left to those who know. From a fisherman's point of view, it matters not why they fight so hard - it is just good that they do. Buffalo River fishing offers this fisherman a great change of pace and a time of pure relaxation. It is much easier to block out the constant convoys of canoers than one might think. To spend a few hours on the water without seeing even one jet ski is heaven. To be able to view nature as it has been for thousands of years is even better. Fishing Species  Smallmouth and largemouth bass, not to mention the green perch (a.k.a.: rock bass, redeye bass, goggle eye perch, and other fitting tags).   Outings Information Packet - Buffalo - 2014 MTFF Outing Checklist MTFF Outing Vehicle Sign

STATE: Tennessee

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