April 12-15: Chattahoochee – Helen, GA

Group Leaders / Additional Information: The group leader is Tony Evans. Hidden in the southern Appalachian Mountains in north Georgia are approximately 4,000 miles of streams designated by the Georgia DNR as trout streams. That number is a bit deceptive when you account for private property, stream size, stocked versus wild populations and a myriad of other factors. Nonetheless, north Georgia is a trout fisherman’s paradise with a little work. Many of the streams are open only during “trout season,” which opens on the last Saturday of February. But, there are also many streams that are open all year. No matter where you are in north Georgia, you’re never too far from your favorite type of trout fishing. Better yet, there’s tons of public access to trout streams through the various mountain WMAs and parcels of U.S. Forest Service land. Get out there and fool a stream-bred brown trout or rainbow with a handcrafted fly or climb waterfalls to see the beauty of brookies.

STATE: Gerogia


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