G’Ville Ramp

Date: 6/7/2014

Water Temp: 60° F

Macroinvertebrate Count

Use letter codes (A=1 – 9, B=10 – 99, C= 100 or more) to record the numbers of organisms found in a 3 foot by 3 foot area. Then add up the number of letter in each column and multiply by the indicated index value.


__A__ Caddisfly Larvae

_____   Dobsonfly Larvae

_____   Mayfly Nymphs

_____   Other Snails

_____   Riffle Beetle Adult

__A__  Stonefly Nymphs

_____   Water Penny Larvae


_____   Beetle Larvae

_____   Clams

_____   Crane Fly Larvae

_____   Crayfish

_____   Damselfly Nymph

_____   Dragonfly Nymphs

_____   Scuds

_____   Sowbugs

_____   Aherix


__A__  Aquatic Worms

__A__ Blackfly Larvae

_____   Leeches

__A__  Midge Larvae

_____   Pouch Snails

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