Betty’s Island

Date: 8/7/2015

We conducted the second stream survey of the year this morning. The survey was conducted:

  1. At Betty’s Island
  2. 7:30 am
  3. Tom Keeton, Mickey Holton, Shea Raetzloff
  4. Water was running low at 250 cfm
  5. Water had been low since 12:00 am 8/7/15
  6. Water clarity was good
  7. Temperature was 60 degrees
  8. PH = 7


Once we had collected our samples we setup the table and proceeded with the count of specimens collected. We concluded our count with the following results of one collection team:

  1. 6 – Scuds mostly black & dark grey
  2. 6 – Red Worms
  3. 1 – Clam


It was very hard to even find the few aquatics we did find. It appears there is very little food in this section of the Caney at present. We did not take any pictures.