Caney Fork Survey

May 2014 Pictures

Summary Results:

 Water information:

  • Temperature varied from 61 degrees at the dam to 65 degrees at Kirby Road.
  • Dissolved Oxygen: 4ppm
  • pH 7.5
  • Turbidity 10 JTU’s.
  • Nitrate (not tested)
  • Phosphate (not tested)

Invertebrate information:

 Dam:   Total Bug Count (less than 20). Composition(Sowbugs <10, black fly larvae <10, and aquatic worms 1).

Happy Hollow: Total Bug Count (28). Composition(Sowbugs 10, blackfly larvae 10, scuds 5, Aquatic worms 3).

Betty’s Island: Total Bug Count (less than 50).  Composition(aquatic worms 20-50, leeches 3).

Kirby Road: Total Bug count (8, excluding snails).  Composition (gilled snails abundant, sowbugs 3, scuds 1, leeches 3, aquatic worms 1).



  • We believe that there were caddis larvae at these locations, but the organizer forgot to bring equipment to brush the larvae off the rocks.  Therefore their presence could not be confirmed.  We will correct this at the next survey.
  • Water generation prevented access to The Steps and Lancaster Shoals.
  • As the generation schedule permits, we will perform stream surveys each month to gather information on changes that occur within the river throughout the year.
  • Reports will be posted to the Conservation Page of the MTFF website.

If you have questions about these results, or if you are interested in participating in future stream surveys, please contact RJ Tazelaar.