We have monthly meetings-

that feature fly fishing professionals who speak on a variety of topics; including destinations, equipment and methods of fishing. Join us the first Wednesday of each month at the Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville. Meetings begin in the T.W.R.A. Region II office at 7:00 pm.

We actively participate in-

conservation projects in order to preserve the delicate water system that affords us the resources to enjoy the sport we love.

We encourage all of our members-

to be responsible with our water systems to insure that future generations will have the same opportunities we have.

We offer a variety of educational classes-

that introduce new members to fly fishing and give them the basics needed to get started. We also offer intermediate and advanced classes that allow experienced fly fishers to increase their knowledge.

We offer classes in-

fly tying, fly casting, rod building and entomology. We are an extremely friendly group and any of our members enjoys the opportunity to take a new member under their wing thereby shortening the new member’s learning curve.

We have a club fishing trip each month-

to some of Tennessee’s most beautiful and productive waters. This offers an opportunity to meet and fish with fellow members.


If you are someone who has always wanted to learn how to fly fish, someone who is new to the area or someone who has been fishing for years looking for new friends with which to fish, we are the club for you. Please come visit one of our monthly meetings. Careful, you just might get hooked!

If you would like to join the Middle Tennessee Fly Fishers, you are welcome to do so at any of our meetings or club outings. Membership dues are individual $30.00 or family $35 and are due at the beginning of each year. Payments can be made through our online registration, or by mailing to the Club’s mailbox. If mailing, please include name, address, phone, and email address.  Family memberships allow significant others and children under 18 to attend all MTFF activities.  Individual members significant others can attend a small number of events.

In consideration for participation in the Middle Tennessee Fly Fishers (MTFF)   I agree to hold harmless MTFF for any claims for damages.  I further agree to not bring litagation for damages arising out of participation in MTFF activities.  By paying dues I understand and agree with this statement .