9/23 September’s Outing – Brad Redmon

Brad Redmon with Redmon Fly Fishing will have a presentation for MTFF about the Hatchery Creek restoration at the September outing on the Cumberland.  Brad is one of the professionals directly involved in the restoration of Hatchery Creek.  His presentation will be at 3 pm on Saturday 9/23 at the Hatchery Meeting Room.  All members are encouraged to attend and hear his exciting presentation on the concepts and reconstruction of Hatchery Creek.


Also, Brad is an accomplished guide on the Cumberland and is available that weekend for guide trips for those interested.  Redmon Fly Fishing


Brad is the founder and operator of Redmon Fly Fishing. He is an avid fly fisherman with a particular interest in small stream fishing; having spent much of his life in pursuit of trout in the Appalachian Mountains and Kentucky streams. When not guiding, fishing, or tying; Brad also works with EcoGro/Ridgewater as a Field Superintendent performing stream and wetland restoration. He has been fortunate enough to couple his passion for fly fishing, knowledge of streams and hydrodynamics with his Environmental Science education. Brad also served as Project Superintendent and assisted in the design and construction of Hatchery Creek; which gave him the unique opportunity to meld his perspective on a trout’s ecosystem with his career. He has a particular interest in teaching the technical skills required for successful angling and currently offers guided trips on Hatchery Creek and other small streams around the state. One of Brad’s true passions is to help others become better anglers.
Brads presentation will cover the whole life of the project from day one until present to include; Design, construction, monitoring and observations during the first year and of course fishing!

August’s Speaker – William Terry P.E.

William is an avid fisherman, so he should give us a different perspective on the project and be able to answer some fishy questions.

William Terry has a Master Degree in Civil Engineering from Missouri
University of Science & Technology and currently works for the U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers as the Project Manager for the Hydropower Rehabilitation
of Center Hill Dam.  Previous work with the COE includes serving as the lead
H&H Engineer for one of the Corps Dam Safety and Risk Assessment Teams, the
technical lead for a coastal ecosystem restoration project in Southern
Louisiana, and a staff production H&H Engineer involved in the development
of inundation extents below COE projects.  In his free time, William enjoys
hunting and fishing in Middle Tennessee and Southern Missouri with his wife,
family, and friends.



2017 Outings Overview

2017 Outing Schedule

Month                Date – Location                                  Outing Leader

January     1-1 – Freeze Out                         Ray Alley

February  24-26 – Elk River Cleanup     Mickey Holton

March       10-12 – Elk/Duck River (Tim’s Ford)

                    TBD – Panama City, FL             Pete Shack

April          15-16 – Chattahoochee (GA)    Tony Evans

May            5-15-17 – Cherokee                    Tom Keeton

June          23-25 – Caney Fork                     Ray Alley

– Cast Iron Cooking                      Ray Alley

July           19-23 – SOHO                              Joel Dean

August     18-20 – Elk Rive/Duck River Randy McKernan

                   TBD Montana Outing

September  20-24 – Cumberland River Terry Gerdes

October   18-22 – White River                  Larry Rollins

November  3-5 – Elk River / Duck River

December 6 – Social          Tom Keeton

By-Law Change

We have made some changes to the by-laws here is a summary of the changes. You can click on the links below. The Current By-Laws are before the changes, the Proposed By-Laws show the changes and mark ups of the document. If you have any questions please contact one of the officers or board members. These changes will be up for discussion at our September (9/7/2016) meeting with a vote for the changes in the October (10/5/2016) general membership meeting.

Current By-Laws Link

Proposed By-Laws Link


Article 5

5.2 Board of Directors – Removed the word Executive. It now reads The Officers, assisted by the Directors, …

5.2 Board of Directors – Moved the information about Executive Directors to 5.3 Executive Board of Directors. Detailed who are the Executive Board members.

5.3 Committee Directors – is now 5.4 Committee Directors we changed Under the guidance of the Board of Directors… to Committee Directors are appointed by the Executive Board…

Article 6

6.2.4 Election and Appointments of Directors – we added or the President

6.2.8 Removal, Resignation, – We clarified the attendance rule by removing fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings… by adding a subsection and stating Should an Executive Board of Directors fail to attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the Board of Directors;



New 2016 MTFF Officers and Directors

Elections were held during the October meeting for officers.  Below are the Officers, Board members and Directors for MTFF.


President is Tom Keeton Cherokee3






Vice President Marcus PipkinMarcus1






Secretary Terry GerdesTerry







Treasurer Joel DeanJoel_2

Board Members

Mickey HoltonMickey








Seth Ritter

Tony Mitchell


Web Director Ray AlleyRay Alley






Membership Director Randy GerdesRandy








Education Director Mike Kingston

Merchandise Director Larry Rollins