By-Law Change

We have made some changes to the by-laws here is a summary of the changes. You can click on the links below. The Current By-Laws are before the changes, the Proposed By-Laws show the changes and mark ups of the document. If you have any questions please contact one of the officers or board members. These changes will be up for discussion at our September (9/7/2016) meeting with a vote for the changes in the October (10/5/2016) general membership meeting.

Current By-Laws Link

Proposed By-Laws Link


Article 5

5.2 Board of Directors – Removed the word Executive. It now reads The Officers, assisted by the Directors, …

5.2 Board of Directors – Moved the information about Executive Directors to 5.3 Executive Board of Directors. Detailed who are the Executive Board members.

5.3 Committee Directors – is now 5.4 Committee Directors we changed Under the guidance of the Board of Directors… to Committee Directors are appointed by the Executive Board…

Article 6

6.2.4 Election and Appointments of Directors – we added or the President

6.2.8 Removal, Resignation, – We clarified the attendance rule by removing fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings… by adding a subsection and stating Should an Executive Board of Directors fail to attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the Board of Directors;



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