May’s Speaker

Captain Ray Alley 

Our May Membership meeting speaker will be addressing ‘On the Water Safety’.  Recently there have been club members that have expressed a concern regarding our safety while enjoying our favorite pastime – being on the water.   Regardless if you are on a boat, navigating through Kayaks and canoes or peacefully enjoying your favorite stretch of river, we all need to think – safety first.  Many club members do not know this, but Ray Alley, our past club President and resident Striper fisherman, is also a Licensed Captain and certified instructor and trainer for the United States Power Squadron on boating and safety.


He will be talking about boating safety for the fisherman. His certification with the  United States Power Squadrons includes trainer for Inland Navigator, Coastal Navigator and practical on the water.  He also has a 50- ton Master License with the United States Coast Guard.


The above certificates require specific classes to gain the knowledge and then on the water demonstration of skills to become certified. Ray has spent countless hours studying boating safety with the United States Power Squadrons to learn how to teach and instruct safe operation of power boats.


His experience and knowledge regarding safe boating skills also allows him to be an expert witness or consultant. He has also participated in and taught at IBWSS (International Boating and Water Safety Summit) which draws organizations worldwide to attend a week long conference once a year to learn and share about boating and water safety.


Ray constantly strives to educate and inform safety on the water.  He is qualified to teach and certify the Boat Tennessee course that is required of anyone born after 1989 to operate a boat.


His favorite course is teaching new boaters how to handle and maneuver their own boats.  This course is the favorite of spouses, no yelling, no cursing and most of all – no tears.  His wife’s words, not his.


If you have any questions regarding any training or courses, just ask Ray.  We know he likes to keep the meetings moving in a timely manner, but he will answer any and all questions or concerns you might have.

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